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Bonchi must save the human!

But Bonchi is nothing but a rabbit…

But Bonchi is a rabbit! And he is trying to sleep...

can you put an end to the cough of bonchi's human? It’s hard to sleep! He doesn't go out! Stays home all day... Bonchi needs his life back too. Fight the evil corona-virus and put an end to the COVID-19 influenza. 

A short action arcade retro shooter to entertain you in this crazy\weirdapocalypse times.

Music and Sound By: Idan Dadon

Title screen music : Ofer Tisser

Enemy sprite work: Shai-lee Horodi


If you enjoyed this short Bonchi adventure we have some good news for you! This is only a side project of Thunder Bonchi!; a narrative retro arcade side-scroller shooter I've been working on for the past year and a half. An epic, full scale, journey to save planet XXrth from the forceful process which is about to make all things into no-thing.

If you’d like to learn more about Thunder Bonchi @ www.tzahi.games 


PS4\Xbox Controller

L analog - Move 

R analog - Directional Shoot (only left and right when you have one life)

 'R2' - Shield 

'L2' - Dash 

'option\start' - Pause 


Arrows move

'A' - Shoot Left -  'D' - Shoot Right 'W' - Shoot up (with a satellite) 'S'- Shoot down  (with a satellite) 

'Left Shift' - Shield 

'SpaceBar' - Dash 

'P' - Pause \ Store 


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Cool game 👍